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San Lorenzo Charterhouse

Padula Charterhouse, in Italian Certosa di Padula (or Certosa di San Lorenzo di Padula), was the first to rise in Campania and is one of the most sumptuous monuments of the Baroque culture of Southern Italy, as well as the largest Charterhouse nationwide. In 2015 it registered 72,936 visitors.

Do you want to find out what other reasons led to the construction of the Charterhouse and why it is so famous and visited? Come to us to stay and discover Padula’s beauties, we will accompany you right into the Charterhouse.


Abbey of Santa Maria di Cadossa

The Abbey of Santa Maria di Cadossa is a Benedictine monastic complex located in Montesano sulla Marcellana and it has medieval origin. According to some historical sources, in 1096 the abbey was a possession of the Abbey of Cava De Tirreni.

Other studies disprove this news. Actually, the history of this Abbey is very fascinating and as much as they tried to suppress it, in 1818 it was reopened and restored, until it finally ceased in 1866. Do you want to know the history of this abbey? Come to us to find out more!



Montesano Sulla Marcellana

Montesano sulla Marcellana‘s territory is divided into valleys, mountains and plateaus. The second inhabited center of the municipality, Montesano Scalo, is located in the valley that borders the end of the Vallo di Diano in a southerly direction.

In this part of the territory, the “Cerreta – Cognola” regional park has existed for several years now, an oasis of greenery consisting of a vast wood of centuries-old trees, inside which various species of animals are bred in the wild, almost disappeared in the free state.

Then there is the “thermal” area, characterized by a consistent presence of springs with low mineral content, and here, the municipal administration has created an “oasis of well-being”, an equipped pedestrian path, from which you can also enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.



Promoters of Cultural Tourism

Monna Lisa was born as a driving force not only for inner well-being, since entering Monna Lisa is like to feel enveloped by an air of poetry, enchantment, culinary delicacies. Monna Lisa was also born with the aim of promoting our territory, both natural and landscape, as well as archaeological and cultural heritage. To fuel territorial promotion, Monna Lisa is the spokesperson for all the local beauties and is pleased to host all those who care about these values ​​and offer the opportunity to receive guided tours of cultural sites at a discounted price.

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